The Age of Media (Information Media)

Media a very powerful tool for information dissemination and acts as an epitome of free speech. Hundreds of millions if not billions of people rely on Media, whether it be Social, Electronic or Print to be their ‘authentic’ information source.

But lately there have been several revelations as to how Media is being used to manipulate the public minds. This is startling ! But is nevertheless true. Media houses are being funded and run by agencies / companies / organisations / states to mould public opinion to serve their vested interests.


What the viewer is being made to watch is most of the time, if not all of the time, suggestive of a point of view. A perspective is fed to the viewer than plain information, instead of leaving the viewer to make an opinion, an opinion is fed..!

Ask yourself some questions, as to how many times did you really made your own opinion rather than media houses ‘owning’ your thinking. The viewer is left with one sided perspective and lots of advertisement (at times disguised as news).


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