The Wi-Fi Family


The advent of the Internet and the Social Media has brought revolutionary changes in our lives. It has affected almost everything, from the way we think, to the way we look and behave. World has turned into a global village. with seamless connectivity across frontiers. But,  just as we can help‎, meet and greet each other in many ways. it has also posed multi-faceted challenges.

Apparently we see an ‎ocean of information, which ultimately turns out to be ‘ocean of misinformation’.

Privacy issues of an individual, and the availabilty of explicit content, on every topic on earth, right on finger tips is a topic of immense concern. And this combination added to today’s broken family system turns out to be a Lethal.

The destruction to the value system of the society, with such a stealthy and assured lethal dose is ongoing right under our nose. Since it is camouflaged by…

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