Answer to BJP’s Giriraj Singh

“Isn’t it true that all people caught in terrorist activities belong to one community?” he asked. “I am not trying to blame any one particular community, but why are all so-called secular parties silent on this?”

The reply :

If a militant kills a security personnel in Chattisgarh, then that militant is a Maoist, mind it. Not a Terrorist.

If a Bajrag Dal / VHP / RSS worker dies while making bombs (which he obviously has use for), then he is a Karsevak, mind it. Not a Terrorist. (Reference: Click Here)

In Assam and other north-eastern states, people carrying out such activity are “Insurgents” / rebels, mind it. Not Terrorists.

The only time one hears terrorist is when a person having a Muslim name is in limelight. And now one can connect things well.

Such thought process is systematically being fed to the general public and the results are so evident.

To know more about the issue of terrorism in India please follow these links:
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2. The Real Terrorists in India

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One thought on “Answer to BJP’s Giriraj Singh

  1. I would like to drag your attention to go to Ministry of Home website, where you can see a list of banned organizations. You can analyse even more better. Best of luck…. By the by, the current government removed the mention of an organization, whose name was at the bottom usually to show that, this org was previously banned for three times.


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