Atheism or Religion ?

Religion, talking / discussing / arguing / reasoning about which is a taboo in the contemporary society. Was looked upon as a subject of respect and admiration till recent past. People and things associated with which, were revered and held in high honour.

Religion, has however, lately been a subject of criticism, from some sections of the people. The charges of criticism include being regressive and discordant with the humanity at large and with the ‘modern’ era. The cries of freedom from Religion are getting louder and louder these days. And it is being systematically phased out from every walk of life.

Let’s try to deduce some rational inferences in this regard as to whether it is religion or something else that is worrisome.

With the advent of the Information Age, and with the development of faster means of communication, Our ability to fetch and deliver information has taken giant quantum leaps. Information is there on all subjects, including Religion. Point to be kept in mind is that, fetching information faster does not translates to downloading wisdom / ability at the same speed to comprehend and process that information.

It is twitter age, the retention and patience limits of the readers have gone astounding short. People read one sentence or watch one picture on a topic and are ready to give their expert opinions.

An individual, in such times when doing one’s daily exercise of scroll and click or slide and tap, in the cyberspace, is most likely to think negative of about the religion, when seeing all the ills of the world being linked to it. Because there’s a lot more information on the net to fetch, leaving no time to ponder over.

One has to have a complete up to date background on discipline that one needs to master, but when it comes to religion, the social media and the cyberspace are enough. Hypocrisy at its Best or should I say Worst..?

But wait a minute, isn’t religion the reason behind growing intolerance, global terrorism and what not ?

The answer is NO !
By the way, the answer to growing intolerance, global terrorism and every bad thing on earth being linked to religion lies somewhere else. And one needs an inquisitive, relentless and neutral enough mind to think about the matter. A retention span of more than 140 characters to comprehend these political disasters is also a prerequisite. The name of religion has been used since ancient days to carry out ulterior motives, but this does not makes Religion itself party to it.

Religion is not what an individual does, but rather the which connects humans to their Creator. It is divine. It has provided peace, comfort and stability to billions since the beginning of Human race and continues to do even today.

What is needed from our part is to stop doing injustice with it. Learn about it the traditional way. As we have learned about various subjects and then specialization in a particular field of that subject.

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One thought on “Atheism or Religion ?

  1. “One has to have a complete up to date background on discipline that one needs to master, but when it comes to religion, the social media and the cyberspace are enough”

    very true….


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