Babri Masjid : Short Analysis

What should be at the demolition site of the erstwhile Babri Mosque?


Political Hindu: Ram Mandir (Temple of Ram)

Normal Hindu 1: Let the court decide

Political Muslim: Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur)


Political Hindu: Because Ram was born there.

Bhakt: Because Political Hindu says so and I follow him/her blindly.

Political Muslim: Because there was a Mosque.

How do you know he was born there?

Political Hindu: Its a question on ‘aastha’ (faith), faith is unquestionable. Period.

Rational Point of View:

There should be a Ram Mandir (Temple of Ram) if it was there prior to the Mosque, and Mosque was constructed over it. But the existence of the erstwhile Temple must be proved based on archaeological evidences. Else the Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur) must be reconstructed.

This is the Point of View, with which many will agree, but unfortunately Babri Masjid / Ram Mandir has become a mere election agenda in India, to be forgotten after elections.

It is now a cycle, before every state or general elections.

Rationality takes a back seat. Communal passions are whipped, electorate polarised on communal lines, the dividends earned.

The VHP, Banjrang Dal, RSS, Shiv Sena have hijacked Hinduism with Hindutva.
They have taken Hindus for a ride and played with the feelings and  faith of the people of the country.

Such persons must be brought to book.

The case is going on this topic in the Supreme Court of India as on 6th December 2015.

Separating Facts from Mythology and Fiction:

Unproven and Unfounded Myths:

  1. Ram Chandra was born in Ayodhya, at the very site, where presently lay the remains of Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur).
  2. There was a Ram Temple at that site.
  3. It was demolished and Mosque was constructed at its place.



  1. Mir Baqi ordered the construction of Babri Masjid (Mosque of Babur) in 1528 CE, and the Salah / Namaz / Islamic prayers began to be offered since then. Tuzk-e-Babri / Baburnama / Letters of Babur which are the memoirs of  Babur have no mention of the demolition of a Temple at the place.
  2. Tulsidas, started writing Ramcharitmanas (book on Life of Ram) in 1574 CE. He also did not mention any incident of demolition of a  Temple and construction of a Mosque in its place.
  3. Guru Nanak was a contemporary of the Mughal emperor Babur, he even visited Ayodhya during his time. He also does not mentions of any incident of the demolition of Temple.
  4. Islam does not allows the construction of Mosque over disputed land, land taken by illegitimate means and the land which is impure.


The documentary below is worth watching,
The Pujari / Priest’s words exposes the BJP, VHP, RSS’ foul play quite convincingly.

Watch on Youtube.

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