Birth of Pakistan


On the eve of India’s Independence Day, 14th August. Preparations for celebrations were high, people were changing their display pics to flags and other nationalistic symbols, abusing government and doing other nationalistic stuff. This is a bi-annual exercise to be repeated on Republic Day as well. Pakistan is celebrating its Independence this day, with similar fervour and manner. As I observed on Facebook. This strange observation made me write this blog.

We have had a peculiarity to accept the things on their face value, never ever trying to decipher the reality. All what is needed to gain our blind acceptance to a thing or issue is a pleasing name/label. The ‘Partition’ in 1947 which was the most unfortunate incident in the history of India is sold by the name of Independence.

People in Pakistan are fed with the concepts of Freedom and Hijrat (migration) since their birth, they think of Pakistan as a state which is a gift from God to them so that they may breathe easy. All the history, as taught in Pakistan is riddled with conflicting narratives and ideas.

Let us analyse the ‘Azadi’ of Pakistan from India:

First come the myths prevalent in Pakistan:

Myth #1. Pakistan was created to save Islam.

  • The 250 million Muslims living in India bear testimony that this theory is false, outright.
  • Creating an Islamic state at the behest of a person who had no Islamic leanings for it, is itself a logic worth laughing at. Neither did Jinnah ever said that nor did he wanted an Islamic theocratic state. You may refer to his lectures if you wish.

Myth #2. Hijrat is a Sunnah of the Prophet and was necessary to save Islam in 1947.

  • If one wants to learn a subject then one goes to the Master in that particular subject. I don’t know since when, the people with no religious credentials start dictating the religion and concepts Hijrat.
  • That too, on such a massive scale that, a person living as far as in southern states of India has to move to either to Bangladesh or Pakistan, on foot or whatever means he can have. His language climate where he lives and the endemic culture being all different. How will he adapt, acclimatise and will the locals accept him ? The answer lies in the Karachi violence in recent times. Certainly a poor decision, as proven by time.
  • It was not at all necessary and should have not been done.

Myth #3. Pakistan is an Islamic state

  • However fact of the matter is, since the time of its very inception, Pakistan is neither a Republic nor Islamic.
  • Killing of minorities is unbecoming of an Islamic state, they should be protected, as we learn from the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Neither is the killing of fellow citizens Islamic in any way.
  • All sorts of UnIslamic activities are prevalent and practiced on a massive scale. Majority don’t even offer prayers, forget about the Sunnah. Drug abuse, lawlessness is the order of the day.

Myth #4. Hindu India is against Islamic Pakistan and is adamant to wipe it out.

  • Fact, India is not Hindu, it is Secular (up to what extent is a different question altogether), and it has never wanted, and neither it wants to annihilate or annex Pakistan and then suffer with the spillover. This is stated by the Ex-Pak Air Chief Asghar Khan.
  • And people are realising this, gradually.

Myth #5. Kashmir being a Muslim majority region should be in Pakistan.

  • This argument may have had some credibility if East Pakistan would have been justly ruled and the Muslims there would have wanted to be Pakistan. Fact, however is again different, they were persecuted, exploited and raped by so called ‘Islamic’ Pakistani Army.
  • Time is running short for Balochistan too. They are also being kidnapped, killed and exploited. I wonder why Pakistan demands Kashmir, to make more mess of it ?! The mess in which Kashmir presently is in, is because of the actions of Pakistan in 1947.

Here is what Ex- Pak Air Chief has to say.

Below is an Al Jazeera documentary for the Balochistan mess.

Getting Facts Right

1. The Creation of Pakistan resulted in lot of bloodshed and what not, the cost, that was just not worth paying. It weakened all of us. The resources being wasted on the frontiers would have been saved. We have had a powerful army, and benefited much in technology, sports and other cultural exchange.
Here is what Abdur Raheem Green has to say about Pakistani madness:

2. Creation of Pakistan was UnIslamic and Illegitimate, similar to that of Israel. Both countries are a source of nuisance to neighbours and to Muslims in particular and to the people abroad as well. However, Pakistan is a step ahead, it troubles its own people too.

3. Pakistan is not Islamic in any manner, the laws of the state or the customs of society do not conform to the Islamic principles. In Pakistan, name of Islam has always been used for and since its creation to get leverage, and in process has brought bad name to the beautiful religion of peace.

4. Islam is only talked about, nor practiced neither followed. Killings, Cheating, and all sorts if UnIslamic rituals and practices are prevalent.

5. Pakistan has only brought suffering to its people since its creation. Its creation was bloody, its life so far has been quite bloody, I hope it attains a peaceful not so bloody end.

I hope the Pakistanis after reading this and watching the videos mentioned will have a different outlook of the ‘Azadi’ that they were taught of since their birth.
Read the post below for further clarification:
Few references :
Why Pakistan should not have been created ?

non-youtube link:


5 thoughts on “Birth of Pakistan

  1. If someone is bothered that Pakistan should not be build, then let them be, Pakistan is build in the name of Islam and that’s it. We can also write such blogs… 2nd thing is that you have mentioned Balochistan’s and Banladesh issue here so we all know that Indian spies are involve their to de-stablise these regions, Kashmiris are threatened by Indian forces, they raped women over there, kill there children etc… there are several videos that are also against Indians…..


    1. I have not glorified India here, rather made clear the dismal state, that Pakistan is, to its own people, to the Muslims and to world at large. All I have presented, are facts. No hypothesis, no theories, no assumptions, but undeniable ground reality.
      One must not try to cover up the incompetency of the Pakistani state to govern and protect itself by acknowledging the efficiency of Indian spies.
      And please refer to the documentary videos to come closer to the stark reality.
      Please do some justice to my writing, it took some efforts, watch the videos mentioned too. And feel free to comment if you find something baseless or unfounded.


      1. @Abdullah
        you should also do justice to your writing…
        Jinnah is not Quid-e-azam for me now because now I know that he got the proposal of provincial autonomy and he rejected. Jihadis do something and Muslims in India and kashmir pay the price there. But don’t you know about the communal violence of congress government before partition that actually gave momentum to Muslim league in India. I am not saying that communal violence was reason but imagine what was the level of maturity at that time. How mature were the Muslims of india at that time in terms of education and particularly in terms of religious complexities. Access to information is another big question mark. Even today majority of indian media is fooling many ppl in India and Ptv and geo tv are here to play with the emotions of people. These are complex things. If you are deciphering it then decipher it completely…..


    2. @Muslima
      let me give you the example of America. What do you think no body is trying to destabilise america? But they are governing so well that they do not let others to destabilize them. As far as balochistan and bangladesh are concerned, you should accept that they are ignored. If someone dies in Islamabad, there is complete chaos but ppl are dying on daily basis in balochistan but no one cares. This gap of have and have nots itself makes room for others to come and take advantage.
      You should see what is happening here in balochistan and in karachi. It is a fact that pakistan lost the battle of 65. It is a fact that pakistan is not an Islamic state. These are undeniable facts. Accept it..


  2. I don’t know why we are hell bent on criticising each other to the extent that it seems like an insult. It reminded me of a speech of Maulana Tariq Jameel where he pointed towards a great mistake that ppl make. He said that criticism is important and it is a healthy practice because it helps us to improve ourselves but remember: do not insult others. Do not degrade others because it invokes ego.


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