Indian Politics ! We the (Common) People…

One simple and most feasible solution for the political leaders these days, when faced with the multi-faceted challenges, uncomfortable questions, bearing responsibility, is to Outshout ! Misguide ! Misinform ! but, whatever is to be done must be quick, short and repetitive.

It doesn’t makes much difference if the things blurted out make sense or not.

The masses have time and again displayed and proven that they posses an astonishingly short memory spans. People forget easily the happenings of the past and get easily carried away by the shouting taking place in the present. A fact, that ‘their leaders’ know and capitalise on, quite well.

People who take news from Facebook and social media rather than official government channels can be fed easily and conveniently.


Meanwhile, the saner voices of reason and rationale get lost amidst the shouting and clutter. In the twitter age, when the retention span of people is limited to 140 characters, anything more than it, will result in buffer overflow and will be lost. Thus one who shouts more and is objective, is the one who will have more impact on the masses.

And this is exactly what is being witnessed, going by the survival instincts rather than truth inquiry, the people have exhibited a fairly good appetite to digest any news served to them, on its face value. And accept any equivocal answer that is given for a question raised, no matter how much absurd it might be.

After all, the one who questions the acts of political leaders is termed a traitor ! Outright. He must be labeled and punished for using his head, when most of people act like a heard of sheep, conforming to ‘shouting’ in place of ‘reason’.

The follow up questions  to the daily news reports such as,

“Development is taking place, but of whom, of corporates or of masses ?”,

“Can someone having demonstrated no leadership quality whatsoever, till now be able to lead the nation ?”,

“The price of land is given to the farmer whose land is taken, but does the recompense actually compensates his loss?”.

“Was the person killed being branded a terrorist, really one ?”

“Are the overpriced aircraft and weaponry that we buy, are really so precious?”,

“Is there something to be learnt from all these unearthed scams?”,

“Is the person claiming to be the saviour of India really true or are we being served false claims and been shown only one side of the coin ?“,

“Is the creation of new state, beneficial for the people, or is it politically motivated move right before elections ?”,

“Does changing the calculation method to estimate poverty really reduce it ?”

“The political party which resorts to whipping up communal tensions before the elections, in the states not having its government, be able to fool us again ?” How can we miss the so evident pattern ?,

and many more are never asked.

The things that matter most are easily veiled from the public, who are in turn busy shouting the slogans given to them by ‘their leaders’.

Ignorance is indeed bliss !



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