Things I learnt at IIT !

Dear Friends !

There are lot of things that I learnt, and I may not able to tell you in detail how I learnt those (in order to keep post short). But, please feel free to ask me in comments anything you want to know. You can even post anonymous comments.

I learnt :

  1. First thing I learnt was freedom. One can do whatever one wants.
  2. That lectures can be given and taken at midnight, even after !
  3. Seminar or Conference can happen any time.
  4. Citi IIT never sleeps.
  5. To sleep in library(until recently), vacant classrooms, or at the back benches during the class.
  6. To put the download capacity of the connection lines and the computer hardware to test. (this is just one random example)
  7. To convert kitchen into a Bed room, Living room, Library, Kitchen, and Store all simultaneously in a single time frame.
  8. Why to abandon Windows OS…….Linux Rocks !
  9. That one can wear anything to college, nobody gives a damn.
  10. That IIT t-shirts are common at insti/hostel, ‘junta’ likes it. ( because they come cheap )hood back
  11. To get hands on cutting edge technology. Being in the premier technical institute in India, this is obvious.
  12. To complete the impossible assignments in the shortest and smartest way possible ;).
  13. I got to know the varied culture from across India, since students ( or as we call ‘junta’ ) are from various parts of India. ( let me make special mention of the Anna s , the Andhra s, the Punjabis, and Assamese, these species are endemic. They are nice people to talk to and have friendship with.)
  14. The global exposure, it opens up lot of avenues for people who want to pursue them.
  15. To do things fast, quick and efficiently, bound by hard deadlines.
  16. To appreciate the genius.
  17. That the world is big and small at the same time, depending from which perspective one is seeing it. One is connected to everywhere, and also there are topics which can take a term of natural life to comprehend their one of many aspects.
  18. That not all profs are bad (like Viru “Virus” Sahastrabuddhe),¬†they also come in variety. With many being very co operative and friendly. Believe it or not, can even crack jokes !
  19. Programming ! Later realised that it was worth the effort. Not all Pythons hiss and bite.smilingpython
  20. There can be great co operation, regard between UG and PGs. I had fun with UGs (because of activities I was involved with them Robotics, Conferences, personal rapport and at times their counselling as they are just as ones younger siblings)
  21. That Impossible is Nothing !
    (Will keep updating this post as things come in mind, please subscribe to be updated.)

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