Face of Fascist terror Unveiled: India

Recently, on February 21, 2013, a bomb exploded in Hyderabad, India and in July in Bodhgaya India. It was the latest incident, among many which have haunted the people in recent past. Whether it be in Mumbai, Delhi, Malegaon, any train or any other city. Innocents are killed, humanity put to shame, the vanguards of democracy and security questioned. Shortwhile after the mishap the ‘agile’ security agencies and the media come to know about the culprit which invariably these days is ‘Indian Mujahideen‘ (The highlighted links open the news reports which substantiate the claims made). The previous¬† scapegoat being SIMI. The same outfit is also held responsible for various blasts and mishaps that occur across the region previously. But all these happenings raise a lot of questions, some of which are never asked, nor answered. Let us try to question our rationale.

The first question that comes to mind is that ‘how on earth do they came to know of the culprit so quickly ?’ , had they been a bit more quick, they would have known it beforehand and may have prevented the mishap. But this does not happens in India. Why ?

Instead, what follows is now a routine exercise for security agencies in India, several Muslim youth are rounded up randomly. Put behind bars, tortured, even killed in custody. Some lucky ones get to restart their disgraced life after a such a humiliating incident, like Aamir or Imran. Amidst all this, a perspective is missed, a perspective which has manifested itself time and again. But is not talked of in the media or public. Let us dare to shed some light.

There have been numerous instances in India in recent past when the ‘Saffron Terror’ has surfaced itself time and again. It is a well known fact that an organisation claiming to be guardian of Indian culture, the RSS (Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh) provides arms training to its members and even trains them in making bombs. When it has been proven beyond doubt that they make bombs, then they must having some USE of it, I believe they are not doing it for fun, as a part time activity. So where are they used ? and when ? And where is weapons and firearms training put to use by saffron organisations ? (click on links at the end to know)

Recently, on January 22, 2013, a leader from the saffron group gave a hate speech. But a fact that was overlooked in that speech, was that, he gave a small glimpse of the the deeds of his organisation when giving the statistics. And it can contribute to significant evidence if looked into, but sadly such people are not even arrested, leave aside investigation over their activities. It has also been learned that they have quite an elaborate network. It is a pity and dismal state, that despite all such happenings, the police is reluctant to look from the other perspective to terror activities across the nation.

Blasts, communal riots and similar crimes against humanity cannot be checked unless faced with courage and in a just manner. Having a scapegoat sacrificed on altar of incompetency or collusion (as Arundhati Roy says in her book ‘Listening to the Grasshoppers’)¬†¬† will not serve any purpose, other than giving freedom to the perpetrators, a lollipop to the masses and another ticking bomb making its way to the public.

After all this, the REAL TERRORISTS, (by this time you know who) are never put under scanner.

A question on rationality : Despite all this, and going through links mentioned below if still we hear the same news after each bomb blast, and be content with it. I am afraid we are on the brink of losing, if not already lost, all rationality.

[The highlighted links open the news reports which substantiate the claims made]

References :

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